Hand-painted painting reproductions - Movements - Post-Impressionism

Welcome to the world of the Post-Impressionism art movement!
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Movement definition
Post-Impressionism, a major movement in 19th century pictorial art, marks a significant transition from Impressionism towards more personal and expressive artistic forms. Appearing at the end of the 19th century, this movement is characterized by an in-depth exploration of light, color and form. Post-Impressionist artists transcended Impressionist techniques by emphasizing emotion, structure, and symbolism. Through more expressive brushstrokes and bolder color palettes, these painters seek to capture sensation and subjectivity in their compositions. Far from conforming to a realistic representation, Post-Impressionism expresses the individual vision of each artist, thus broadening the horizons of pictorial art. Explore this rich and diverse artistic movement, where painting becomes a more personal representation of reality, offering works imbued with unique sensitivity and perspective.