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Welcome to the world of the Abstract Expressionism art movement!
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Movement definition
Abstract Expressionism, emerging in the United States after World War II, is a bold artistic movement that emphasizes spontaneity, gesture, and emotional expression through abstract painting. This style encourages complete artistic freedom, using expressive gestures, paint drips, and abstract shapes to convey emotions and ideas, without concern for precise figurative representation. Abstract Expressionist artists seek to explore the unconscious, the psyche and human emotions through free compositions, where the act of painting itself becomes a form of meditation or intimate expression. This art form revolves around a diversity of styles, from the dripping of Jackson Pollock to the gestural expression of Willem de Kooning, offering an intense visual and emotional experience. Abstract Expressionism marked a turning point in art history by emphasizing emotion, individuality and spontaneity, and paving the way for new approaches to modern painting.