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Sir William Russell Flint (1880–1969) was a renowned Scottish artist celebrated for his exceptional skill in watercolor painting and his evocative depictions of female figures, landscapes, and mythological scenes. Flint's works are characterized by their technical mastery, elegant compositions, and attention to detail.

Born in Edinburgh, Scotland, Flint initially studied at the Royal Institution School of Art in Edinburgh. He was an artist-correspondent for the Illustrated London News during World War I, which significantly influenced his artistic career.

Flint was particularly acclaimed for his watercolor paintings, where he exhibited an unparalleled mastery of the medium. He developed a distinct style that captured the beauty of the female form, often depicted in various guises, from mythological figures to elegant and graceful women.

His works frequently depicted scenes of classical mythology, often highlighting his fascination with the allure of antiquity and the timeless beauty of Greek and Roman civilizations. His artistry was marked by a keen attention to detail, delicacy in rendering fabrics and textures, and a sophisticated understanding of light and shadow.

Flint's talent extended beyond his artistic skill; he was also a skilled and accomplished illustrator, bringing his expertise to the creation of numerous books, often showcasing his passion for depicting the female form in both mythical and everyday settings.

One of his most famous works, "Reflections," exemplifies his meticulous attention to detail, as well as his ability to capture the ethereal beauty and grace of the female figure in a watercolor medium.

Sir William Russell Flint's legacy endures as one of the most accomplished watercolorists of the 20th century. His exquisite and delicately detailed paintings, particularly his captivating portrayals of the female form and mythological scenes, continue to captivate audiences, showcasing his technical mastery and aesthetic sensibility. His contributions to the world of art solidify his place among the most celebrated artists in the watercolor medium.