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Frida Kahlo (1907–1954) was a Mexican painter known for her distinctive and emotive self-portraits, as well as her association with surrealism and magical realism. Born Magdalena Carmen Frida Kahlo y Calderón in Coyoacán, a suburb of Mexico City, Kahlo's life and art were profoundly influenced by her Mexican heritage, personal struggles, and the tumultuous political and cultural landscape of her time.

Kahlo's artistic journey began after a severe bus accident in 1925 that left her with lifelong physical pain and health issues. During her convalescence, she turned to painting as a form of self-expression, and this marked the beginning of her prolific career. Her works often incorporated symbolic imagery, vibrant colors, and a blend of Mexican folk art and surrealism.

One of Kahlo's defining features as an artist was her use of self-portraiture. She created a significant number of self-portraits, exploring her identity, pain, and emotions in a deeply personal and introspective manner. Her paintings often depicted her iconic unibrow, traditional Mexican clothing, and the vivid indigenous flora and fauna of Mexico.

Kahlo's marriage to the renowned Mexican muralist Diego Rivera was a central aspect of her life and art. Their relationship was complex, marked by passion, infidelity, and mutual artistic influence. Rivera's work and the Mexican muralism movement also played a role in shaping Kahlo's artistic style.

Political and cultural themes were integral to Kahlo's art. She embraced her Mexican identity and indigenous heritage, addressing issues such as gender, class, and post-colonial identity in her work. Her paintings often featured indigenous Mexican symbolism, reflecting her commitment to social and political causes.

Frida Kahlo's art gained international recognition posthumously, and she is now celebrated as an iconic figure in art history. Her impact extends beyond her artistic contributions, as she is admired for her resilience in the face of physical and emotional challenges. Kahlo's life and work have inspired countless artists and continue to resonate with audiences worldwide, making her a symbol of artistic authenticity, feminism, and cultural pride.