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Edward Seago (1910–1974) was a renowned English artist known for his atmospheric landscapes and seascapes. Born in Norwich, England, Seago's artistic talent was evident from an early age. He studied at the Norwich School of Art, and later, his artistic journey took him to London and Paris, where he further refined his skills.

Seago's work is characterized by a mastery of color and a loose, impressionistic style. He often painted en plein air, capturing the changing light and mood of the scenes before him. His favorite subjects included landscapes, coastal scenes, and rural life. His paintings, whether depicting the English countryside, the Mediterranean coast, or the African savannah, exude a sense of tranquility and beauty.

Apart from being a skilled painter, Seago gained recognition for his role as a war artist during World War II. He traveled with the British Army, documenting scenes from North Africa, Italy, and the Middle East. His wartime experiences profoundly influenced his art.

Edward Seago's works have been widely exhibited, and he gained popularity not only in the United Kingdom but also internationally. His paintings are part of numerous private and public collections. Today, he is remembered as a versatile and talented artist who captured the essence of landscapes with a unique and captivating style.