Hand-painted painting reproductions - Movements - Cubism

Welcome to the world of the Cubism art movement!
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Our reproductions are made by experienced artists who use the best materials and techniques. We are committed to providing you with works of art of the highest quality, which will bring joy and inspiration to your family for generations to come.
Movement definition
Cubism, a revolutionary artistic movement that emerged at the beginning of the 20th century, transformed the way the world was represented in painting. Breaking with traditional shapes and perspectives, Cubist artists deconstruct objects and subjects into geometric shapes, recomposing them from different angles. This innovative approach aims to represent a subject from several simultaneous points of view, offering abstract and dynamic paintings. Cubist works are characterized by angular shapes, broken lines and fragmented colors, offering a new and imaginative representation of reality. This movement paved the way for new ways of thinking and perceiving art, profoundly influencing the development of modern art. Cubist paintings, through their innovative approach and fragmentation of forms, marked a period of artistic revolution and have endured as a cornerstone of contemporary art.